Armand King entered into the sex trade during the biggest sex trafficking epidemic in recent US history at the age of 16. Not as a prostitute but as a pimp. After losing his brother to murder and countless friends to death, drugs, and incarceration due to sex trafficking, Armand’s life was drastically turned around. With an awakened heart and mind, Armand’s life is now dedicated to helping as many people as he can to avoid the same pitfalls. With over 20 years of true experience there is no other person that matches this expertise and qualifications to provide training on human sex trafficking.

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What is Domestic Human Sex Trafficking

  • Awareness
  • Domestic Human Sex Trafficking past and present

Intervention & Prevention

  • Family consulting and training
  • School consulting and training
  • Religious and organization

Transferable Skills

From the game to the professional world

Survivor Advocacy Training

  • Cultural Competency
  • Restorative Practices
  • Communication and Outreach
  • Identifying your own subconscious bias and learning to control it

Victim Identification & Assistance

  • Recognizing a potential trafficking victim
  • Cultural considerations in assisting victims of HST
  • Effects of trauma on trafficking victims
  • Overcoming Victimization

The Internet

  • Keeping children aware and safe from victimization
  • Site awareness

Specialized Training Provided For

Medical Professionals,
Middle School, High School, and University Staff and Students
Hotels and Hospitality Industry
Criminal Justice System
Organizations & Religious Groups
HST Survivor Advocates
Survivors of HST

Excellent Results

*Authentic One Of A Kind Training
*Over 20 Years of Domestic Human Sex Trafficking Experience
*Public Speaking
*Trains Throughout the US
*Experienced Team Of Survivor Trainers
*Flexible Training Hours
*Customize Trainings to Fit Your Needs

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