Armand King


With over two decades of first hand experience dealing with gangs and the domestic human sex trafficking lifestyle, I use my knowledge to help transform lives for the better, build healthier communities, and train others to do the same.” –Armand King

King began his affiliation with gangs at 12 years of age and soon created his own clique at the age of 15. Popularized in San Diego in 1996, clique culture developed amongst youths as a precursor to gang life. Young men would cut school, go to parties, dance, and encounter other cliques. Sometimes the altercations got violent. By the time young men in the cliques reached 18, the allure of pimp life had taken hold.
“I was a tyrant as a youth,” said King. “Selling drugs, gang banging, pimping, that’s all we knew.”
Influence from gangster & pimp rap and the spoils associated with living the fast life fueled King’s passion for the path he had chosen. King’s perspective began to shift when Richard Wilson, one of his closest friends, was murdered during a senseless act of gang violence. Wilson was 21.
“When my brother died, I died,” said King. “Now I’m a tool to be used.”
King spent time in the Air Force, however, after he finished his tour, old habits caught up to him and ended up serving a 3 year prison sentence on conspiracy charges.



Upon his release, King was determined to finally build a life he could be proud of.
“Anybody that comes out of jail has a new energy and desire. It’s the perfect time to catch somebody and put them on the right route,” said King.
A coincidence shifted into destiny when King found out the old clique he started as a youth was still in existence. He took the opportunity to reach out to the kids and speak to them about new ways to make better choices.
“There was never an organization to show us a way out,” said King. “If somebody we respected showed us another way, we would have done it.”
The turn out from the event prompted King to use his experience in the streets and in the kitchen to create the organization he wished was around when he was younger.
By Edward Henderson

Human Sex Traffic Training

What is Domestic Human Sex Trafficking
Armand boldly approaches this subject and is able to train goups in the areas of Awareness, Domestic Human Sex Trafficking past and present, Intervention & Prevention, Family consulting and training,  School consulting and training, Religious and organization; to name a few.

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Armand had received an award or recognition for his civil service in his community.
Congressman Ted Poe , Congressional Recognition
Lynch Foundation For Children , Seeds Of Hope
Hope Rising, Center For Justice & Reconciliation Point Loma Nazarene University
California State Assembly member Shirley Weber, Certificate of Recognition
Citizens of Courage Award, San Diego District Attorney
Certificate of Recognition, San Diego City Councilmember Myrtle Cole




“Armand is a talented caring leader who leads by serving others. He has strong work ethic, a positive attitiude and vision out of this world.”

MAEGAN SAVAGE – CEO M & M Savage Family Enterprises, Inc


“I have worked with Armand and PGF for more than 5 years through different community initiatives. He has always been a show up and work hard guy, with a poetic sense of purpose and a creative intelligence that is forward thinking and collaborative.”

BRIDGET LAMBERT – Community Builder and Collaborator


“In a word, Armand is AMAZING! The work he does in the community and with Paving Great Futures changes lives — every day! Paving Great Futures was the first $25,000 recipient of a Chef Works Cares grant. The grant monies were used to create a funding stream for the work PGF does. To the team at Chef Works, the grant was also the invitation to be part of the magic of PGF. Armand has worked with us on so many initiatives and never says no. We consider him a member of the Chef Works Family!”

CYNTHIA MCCORMICK – Strategic Human Resources Business Leader


“I had the privilege of seeing Armand in action when he presented at our Lawyers Club of San Diego Human Trafficking Collaborative event. He was our opening speaker and he brought tremendous energy, pumping up the volunteers and making the attendees feel welcomed and inspired. Sharing his life story, lessons learned, and words of wisdom encouraged the attendees to open up, speak up, and share what they were feeling. As co-chair of the Survivor Services Sub-Committee, I am grateful and thankful for the time, energy, and commitment Armand gives to our committee and each event we plan together. He never ceases to impress me with his presence and passion.!”

CHRISTY HEISKALA  – Sexual Abuse Prevention Expert, Victim Advocate, SART, Litigation Support, Bystander Intervention




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